Vehicle Recovery, Storage and Disposal Statutory Charges Review - Northern Ireland A Public Consultation

Closes 13 Jun 2024

Opened 18 Apr 2024


Foreword by the Minister of Justice

Government departments, police, local councils and others authorised to act on their behalf all have powers to remove, store and dispose of vehicles in certain circumstances.   These include, for example, where a vehicle is being driven without insurance, has been left in a place causing an obstruction or danger to others, or is in contravention of certain prohibitions or restrictions.  

When these powers are exercised, the relevant authority is often entitled to charge a fee to the owner of the vehicle.  This consultation seeks views on the levels of fees that can be charged for the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles where a vehicle was driven uninsured, or in a way causing alarm, distress or annoyance, or where a vehicle seizure order has been made in relation to an unpaid financial penalty.

The fees for the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles in these circumstances are prescribed in legislation and have remained at the levels set in 2008, despite the costs for this work, which is typically contracted out to independent operators, having increased.

Following similar reviews carried out in Scotland in 2019 and in England and Wales early in 2023, we feel it is now appropriate to review the fees to ensure that they are fair to both those carrying out removal, storage and disposal work and those whose vehicles are removed     .

We look forward to hearing your views.

Naomi Long MLA

Minister of Justice

Department of Justice

We welcome your views on this consultation.


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