We are committed to ensuring all responses are carefully and open-mindedly analysed and the results made widely available, with an account of the views expressed and the reasons for decisions finally taken. Here you will find our most recently published consultation and survey results. 

Publishing results and responses also align with our Open Data Strategy for Northern Ireland 2020-2023. You can read our strategy and access more open data on OpenDataNI.

Open Data Strategy for NI 2020-2023

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Consultations with Published Results

We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked you about online government services, NI Direct and Go ON NI.

You Said

37% of respondents wanted to hear more about these services and provided thier email address to get more information.

We Did

We emailed those respondents with a short paragraph of information and links to both NI Direct and Go ON NI events taking place throughout Northern Ireland.

Closed Consultations and Surveys

  • What irritates you in the workplace?

    Our Dignity & Diversity survey highlighted that certain workplace behaviours adversely affect colleagues. To help us address these issues we are keen to find out what these specific behaviours are. More

    Closed 17 January 2020

  • GLSNI Annual Conference 2019 "Firm Foundations" - Evaluation

    We would be grateful for your feedback on your recent attendance at the 2019 GLSNI Conference "Firm Foundations". More

    Closed 14 January 2020

  • Cook It! Programme delivery survey Q3

    The Cook It! team is required to feed back to the Public Health Agency each quarter regarding the activity of tutors trained in each of our programmes: Cook It! I Can Cook It! Food Values Little Allotment Project. We would appreciate if you could complete the... More

    Closed 14 January 2020