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We Asked

We asked your views on proposed changes to the management of Ash Dieback, a disease of Ash trees.  The question asked was;

The Department intends to modify it's approach to the management of Ash Dieback by discontinuing the use of Statutory Plant Health Notices in favour of a voluntary approach. Do you agree?

You Said

A total of 37 responses were received to the consultation; 23 of these were from representatives of organisations and 14 were from individuals.  

The majority of respondents supported the proposal, some concerns were raised around moving from a statutory to a voluntary approach, training in identification of the disease,  use of technology and the need for research- particularly on resilience.

We Did

We recognise that a wide range of views have been put forward and we wish to reassure all consultees that we have carefully considered the responses and will make changes to the legislation as appropriate. 

We Asked

The consultation invited views on the proposed changes to the Northern Ireland Crime Survey.  The consultation period ran from 9 November 2017 to 9 January 2018.

You Said

Written responses from 7 organisations/individuals were received.  These included detailed comments on the proposals, as well as suggestions for additional questions and subjects to be added to the questionnaire.

We Did

The responses to the consultation were analysed by NISRA statisticians, and discussed by the Project Board, and resulted in a final version of the Year 1 questionnaire.  This questionnaire will ‘go-live’ in April 2018, whilst publications from the new Year 1 questionnaire are anticipated to be available from late 2019.  Work on the Year 2 questionnaire is ongoing.

A detailed response to the consultation, as well as updates on other changes to the Crime Survey can be found at https://www.justice-ni.gov.uk/publications/consultation-changes-northern-ireland-crime-survey-summary-responses.  The final version of the questionnaire is available at https://www.justice-ni.gov.uk/publications/northern-ireland-safe-community-survey-year-one-questionnaire-april-2018.

We Asked

The consultation invited views on (1) our responses to each of the NIMDM 2010 recommendations and (2) the proposed indicators in each of the seven domains. In addition, it sought views on whether the current domain weights reflect current priorities. 

The consultation period ran from 21 November 2016 to 15 January 2017. 

You Said

Written responses from 28 organisations/individuals were received. These included detailed comments on NISRA's response to the recommendations, the proposed indicators and the domain weights. They also included suggestions for alternative indicators and general comments on their use of the Measure. 

We Did

The responses to the consultation were analysed by the Deprivation Team, discussed by the Steering Group, and resulted in a finalised methodology for the updated Measure.

A Blueprint document was published on 7th July 2017, which describes this process and the final methodology, as well as NISRA’s responses to detailed comments received during the consultation. These documents are available at: https://www.nisra.gov.uk/publications/nimdm17-consultation-results

The results of the updated Multiple Deprivation Measure (NIMDM 2017) will be published later this year.