Consultation on the Functions Delivered by the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland

Closed 30 Sep 2022

Opened 13 Jun 2022

Results updated 28 Oct 2022

The consultation on the Functions currently delivered by GTCNI has now closed. The 'Analysis of Consultation Responses' contains a breakdown of responses to consultation questions. In total, 50 responses were received from a range of stakeholders including school leaders, teachers, organisations working in the education sector, other bodies, trade union and members of the public.



The Minister of Education announced, to the Northern Ireland Assembly on 13 December 2021, her decision to seek the dissolution of the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI), the organisation currently established by statute to be the professional body for teachers.  In her announcement, the Minister also stated that the Department would consult on the functions currently assigned to the GTCNI and how these can be

This consultation will open on Monday 13 June and will close on Friday 30 September at midnight.

It is very important that you read the accompanying Consultation Support Document prior to completing this questionnaire.


Please note that translations of this questionnaire, along with its supporting documentation, can be provided on request to or by phoning 028 9127 9399.

This Consultation could take you up to one hour to complete depending on the level of detail you wish to provide in the additional comments sections.

Please note, you are able to save and come back to your incomplete response anytime until the consultation closes.

Why your views matter

The Department would like to hear your views and feedback to inform, shape and improve final policy proposals and changes to legislation.  This consultation process will provide you with the opportunity to consider the structures used in other jurisdictions and the differing functions these bodes provide. Your views will inform the development of a robust future model for Northern Ireland which reflects the unique needs of our education system while providing effective support to the teaching profession.

What happens next

The Department will consider the views expressed in the consultation exercise and use them to inform drafting of the new primary legislation needed to dissolve GTCNI while ensuring the protection and continuity of all essential functions. We will also consider respondents’ views on additional positive functions which could be introduced, or unnecessary functions which should cease, in considering the best way forward.

We estimate that this legislative process is likely to take a minimum of 24 months and will include a further public consultation exercise to be undertaken once an initial Bill, reflecting the Department’s firm proposals for the way ahead, has been drafted.


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