Integrated Education Act Action Plan Consultation

Closed 30 Nov 2023

Opened 31 Aug 2023


The Integrated Education Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 became law on the 26 October 2022. This Act placed a duty on the Department of Education (DE) to prepare, publish and maintain a strategy for the encouragement, facilitation, support for and provision of integrated education. 

The strategy had to include an Action Plan to deliver on the strategy and the law requires that DE consult on that Action Plan.

This consultation is an opportunity to have your views considered in the future direction of the Action Plan and we would welcome your comments.

We would recommend that you read the accompanying Integrated Education Strategy and Action Plan prior to completing this questionnaire.

Links to the Integrated Education Strategy and assosciated Action Plan as well as a glossary of some terms used within the Strategy and in this survey can be found in the related documents at the bottom of this page.


  • All stakeholders


  • Primary Education
  • Post-Primary Education
  • Pre-school Education