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  • Construction and Procurement Delivery, Supplies and Services Division Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

    Feedback in relation to the award of a contract by Construction and Procurement Delivery, Supplies and Services Division staff. More
    Opened 29 March 2017
  • ICT Procurement

    Review of ICT Procurements - Client Survey Questions More
    Closed 29 March 2017
  • Diversity Survey 2017 (DoH)

    La' Verne Montgomery is the departments Diversity Champion and is part of the NICS Diversity Champions Network (DCN). The DCN are relaunching the diversity and inclusion agenda. They are seeking to develop a brand that would be meaningful for colleagues and help to generate some energy and... More
    Closed 5 April 2017
  • Adoption and Children (Northern Ireland) Bill

    Ministerial Foreword Our adoption legislation in the north of Ireland is almost 30 years old. The key body of children’s legislation is more than 20 years old. In taking forward this Bill, my aim is to modernise the legislation for the benefit of children, their parents and those... More
    Closed 28 April 2017

    Views are sought on Contract Management in SSD. More
    Closed 14 July 2017
  • Court Funds Office Survey

    Welcome to the Court Funds Office client survey and thank you for taking the time to share your views on the service we provide. The Court Funds Office greatly values feedback from our clients as it helps us in understanding how we might do things better in the future. We are particularly... More
    Opened 4 September 2017
  • NI Wellbeing Feedback

    NISRA continues to participate in the ONS-led Measuring National Wellbeing programme. The way in which we report NI updates to the programme remains under development. The latest update of NI data is presented alongside UK data in a ‘wheel’ format that has been used by ONS in their previous... More
    Closed 15 September 2017
  • Continuing Healthcare in Northern Ireland: Introducing a transparent and fair system

    INTRODUCTION The Department of Health referred to below as “the Department” has undertaken a review of its current continuing healthcare policy in Northern Ireland. At the outset, it is important to note that this consultation is about the suitability of the continuing healthcare policy... More
    Closed 15 September 2017
  • Equine Business Workshop - Funding and Finance Event Evaluation

    Please provide feedback on the Equine Business Funding and Finance Workshop that you attended on 14th September 2017 at Greenmount Campus, CAFRE. More
    Closed 13 October 2017
  • Data Protection Reform - Event Registration

    DoF Information Management Unit have arranged a half-day seminar on Data Protection Reform to help staff prepare for the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Bill. Hugh Widdis will open the event and we are fortunate to have secured a member of staff... More
    Closed 13 November 2017
  • GLSNI Event - Stormont

    Join us for this year's Government Legal Society Conference. Title: Change and Challenge Date: 23 November 2017 Time: 09.30 - 16.30 (with morning tea break, lunch and afternoon tea break) Location: Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings, Stormont 09:30am: Welcome... More
    Closed 17 November 2017
  • Evaluation of Engagement event 22 November 2017

    Feedback from Engagement Event More
    Closed 30 November 2017
  • Name the DoF Monthly Photo Competition

    DoF Internal Communications are launching a new Monthly Photo Competition. We want you to vote for the name of your choice... More
    Closed 8 December 2017
  • DoF GDPR Event Evaluation

    Thank you for attending the DoF GDPR Event on 16 th November 2017 in PRONI. We would be grateful for your feedback, to help us shape future awareness sessions. More
    Closed 15 December 2017
  • GLSNI Annual Conference 2017 - Evaluation

    We would be grateful for your feedback on your recent attendance at the GLS NI Annual Conference. More
    Closed 29 December 2017
  • DoF Internal Communications - Staff Brief Survey

    DoF Internal Communications want to know your views on a number of key areas such as the Intranet and Staff Brief to inform our work going forward and meet the communication needs of staff throughout the Department. More
    Closed 31 December 2017
  • Consultation on proposed changes to the Northern Ireland Crime Survey

    This consultation is seeking feedback on the proposed changes to the Northern Ireland Crime Survey. The Northern Ireland Crime Survey is an annual face-to-face survey commissioned on behalf of the Department of Justice Northern Ireland (DoJ) and is an important source of information about... More
    Closed 9 January 2018
  • How we propose to purchase domiciliary care provided by non-statutory providers

    The Northern Trust currently provides domiciliary care services to over 5,000 service users in their own homes. Domiciliary care is the term used to describe a range of social care services put in place to support a service user in their own home. These services are currently delivered by both... More
    Closed 26 January 2018
  • User Guide

    Test 1 More
    Closed 31 January 2018
  • SSD Staff Survey on 2017 Workshops

    The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the workshops held during 2017. More
    Closed 18 February 2018
  • Future model for acute paediatric services in Northern Trust hospitals

    The nature of children’s services has changed radically in recent years with a sharp decline in the numbers and lengths of stay of children treated as hospital in-patients. More care is now provided in the community, outpatient departments and within rapid access or ambulatory care settings.... More
    Closed 26 February 2018
  • Consultation on Department of Health Disability Action Plan and Equality Action Plan

    The Department of Health is seeking views on their draft Equality Action Plan and Disability Action Plan. The consultation will close on Wednesday 28 th February 2018. Responses received after the closing date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Freedom of... More
    Closed 28 February 2018
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Consultation ERA17/18-40

    Reference ERA17/18-40 Project Type Afforestation Location Tullylinkisay, Magherafelt Grid Reference H 914 901 Area 11.11 hectares Project Description Planting of mixed conifer broadleaf... More
    Closed 12 March 2018
  • Primary Care Services Statistics - User Engagement Questionnaire

    The Business Services Organisation (BSO) provides a broad range of regional business support functions and professional services to the Health and Social Care sector in Northern Ireland. The Information and Research Unit (IRU) within BSO provide support, information and advice to both... More
    Closed 13 March 2018
  • Charity for Civil Servants International Women's Day Seminar Series

    International Women’s Day 2018 #PressForProgress #NICSDiversity This year NICS are marking International Women's Day with a series of events in partnership with The Charity for Civil Servants. At each event we will examine the three key issues facing women in the workplace and... More
    Closed 21 March 2018
  • NICSHR International Women's Day Event Evaluation

    Following your attendance at the NICSHR International Women's Day event at Titanic Belfast on Friday 9th March 2018, we are keen to hear your feedback on this event. Please complete this short questionnaire to assist us in continuing to deliver high quality events. More
    Closed 13 April 2018
  • Dementia EMI Residential Homes Staff Consultation

    The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust currently runs and directly manages 4 EMI residential care homes across Belfast. We are looking at the role of our residential homes and how we can change to provide the finest dementia care. A number of things have led us to start this review such as: ... More
    Closed 11 May 2018
  • Dementia EMI Residential Homes Family and Carers Consultation

    The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust currently runs and directly manages 4 EMI residential care homes across Belfast. We are looking at the role of our residential homes and how we can change to provide the finest dementia care. A number of things have led us to start this review such as: ... More
    Closed 11 May 2018
  • MMPR Review

    Minimising and Managing Physical Restraint (MMPR) became the model of practice for behaviour management and physical restraint in Woodlands on 3 rd April 2017. MMPR in Woodlands must now be compliant with national standards in the training, reporting, recording and governance of the use of... More
    Closed 11 June 2018
  • BBQ & Sports Day

    This survey is to plan for the BBQ & Sports Day with a view to providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in the event in various capacities. Please note all participants do so at their own risk and must wear appropriate footwear to participate in the Sports events. More
    Closed 13 June 2018
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