Northern Ireland Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme - 2020 Tariff Review

Closed 26 May 2020

Opened 28 Apr 2020


Minister's Foreword

Since becoming Minister for the Economy, I have made it clear that, in relation to matters involving the RHI Scheme, I will always seek to act in a manner that is fair to both scheme participants who joined the Scheme in good faith and to taxpayers who are funding the Scheme.

This consultation considers the tariffs that are payable in respect of the medium-sized boilers which make up the vast majority of installations accredited to the scheme.  Further details of what is being proposed are contained throughout this paper and the independent consultant’s report which is being published alongside it.  Ultimately this is about ensuring the tariffs are set at a fair rate that is representative of the conditions faced by participants.

The preferred option set out in this consultation proposes increasing the tariffs for medium biomass installations accredited to the Non-Domestic RHI Scheme.  This is in line with the recommendations from the independent experts who have, through their work, identified changes in a number of the underlying variables since the current tariff structure came into effect on 1 April 2019. 

I welcome your views and evidence on this issue ahead of the consultation closing date on 26 May.

Diane Dodds MLA


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