Truth Recovery - Public Consultation

Closes 19 Sep 2024


Before answering this questionnaire, it is recommended that you read the associated consultation document Truth Recovery - public consultation, which will provide further background information on the proposed policies for the inquiry into Mother and Baby Institutions, Magdalene Laundries and Workhouses, and redress schemes, on which your views are sought. These will help ensure the inquiry and redress schemes meet the needs of victims and survivors.

All survey questions are optional, and you only need to answer the questions that are most relevant and important to you.  

TEO has arranged a number of in-person and on-line events to support the consultation process, details of which are available on our consultation page on TEO website.


These are difficult and sensitive matters – we acknowledge that the language and terminology used here is important. We also understand that there are different views on the most suitable terminology, and we do not wish to add to anyone’s distress.

We have tried to use terminology which reflects the words preferred by most victims and survivors, noting there is not a consensus. However, we may need to use different language in the development of policy and legislation and, at times, we may refer to a historical document or information which contains terminology we do not agree with, nor which we would use now; but we have tried to limit this where possible. For example, many victims and survivors prefer to be referred to as “children, now adults” or “children, many now adults”. The latter terminology reflects the fact that some are sadly now deceased. We have predominately used the term children, now adults, for consistency, but the usage may vary depending on context.

Support Services

Whilst the focus of the consultation is on the policy related to the inquiry into Mother and Baby Institutions, Magdalene Laundries and Workhouses, and redress schemes, the Executive Office is conscious of the people whose personal experiences have given rise to the need for these proposals. The Executive Office (TEO) offers support services though the Victims and Survivors Services (VSS), for victims and survivors, and information on how to access these services is available at  Support for Victims and Survivors of Mother & Baby Institutions, Magdalene Laundries and Workhouses VSS can be contacted via telephone on 028 90 279 100 or email: on the support services available.