Sport NI - Project Re-Boot: Activate Post Campaign Survey

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Closes 30 Jun 2022


1. What is the name of your Crowdfunding Campaign?
2. What is your organisation?
3. What is your name?
4. What is your email address?
If you enter your email address then you will automatically receive an acknowledgement email when you submit your response.
5. Was your campaign successful in reaching your initial target?
6. What impact did fundraising through Crowdfunder have on helping your organisation Build Back Better after Covid-19 Pandemic?
7. How much support did you feel you received from Crowdfunder UK throughout the course of your campaign?
8. Do you feel that the support provided by Crowdfunder UK was relevant and suitable for your own individual situation?
9. Did the timing and type of communication with Crowdfunder work for you?
10. How would you rate the online webinar that Crowdfunder UK hosted?
11. How would you rate the video guide tool on the Crowdfunder UK website?
12. How would you rate the online courses on the Crowdfunder UK website?
13. How would you rate the case studies on both the Sport Northern Ireland website and the Crowdfunder UK website?
14. How would you rate the Activate programme information and guidance which you could find on the Sport Northern Ireland website?
15. How would you rate the 1-2-1 coaching?
16. Overall, would you recommend Crowdfunder UK and their learning and development resources to other organisations?
17. How much support do you feel you received from Sport Northern Ireland, either before, during or after your campaign?
18. Which of these words best describe your feelings about 'Project Reboot: Activate’, now you have completed your campaign? Please choose all that apply.
19. To what extent do you think running and completing a crowdfunding campaign has improved your skills in the following areas?
20. Did you work collectively with any other members of your organisation when setting up and running your campaign?
21. How important were the following methods for sharing / promoting your campaign with others?
22. To the best of your knowledge, what proportion of donations came from supporters with no prior history of supporting your organisation financially? If you’re unsure, please provide an estimation of the percentage.
23. During or after your campaign, did you receive any of the following indirect benefits from your backers? Please select all that apply.
24. Did you experience any other benefits not yet mentioned as a result of your Crowdfunding experience?
25. In your experience, do you think people were more or less likely to support your campaign due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
26. Do you feel better connected to your community following the campaign?
27. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:
28. How confident would you be if you ran another crowdfunding campaign in the future?
29. Now that you have completed a crowdfunding campaign, how likely is your organisation to crowdfund again in the next two years?
30. Do you have any other comments that you would like to add to your survey response?