DSO Service Level Survey

Closed 30 Jan 2024

Opened 16 Jan 2024


The Department for Communities has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Departmental Solicitor’s Office (DSO) which describes the services provided by DSO to the Department and its Agencies. The purpose of this survey is to monitor the operation of the SLA by gathering feedback from colleagues on the effectiveness of, and compliance with, the operational arrangements and obligations of both parties to the agreement.


If you have engaged the services of DSO since January 2023, your views would be welcome. The questions relate directly to the arrangements and obligations set out in the SLA, with an opportunity for you to highlight any issues or concerns you may have regarding the service. The survey results will be presented to Top Leadership Team for their consideration and if appropriate, shared with DSO. All responses are treated in confidence, however should you wish to include your name or the name of your business area, please include this with any comments at question 6.

Below is a document of DSO Timescales, please refer to this document when answering this survey.


  • DFC Staff


  • Internal Audit