Disability Awareness Programme for Employer Facing Staff

Closed 19 Feb 2021

Opened 10 Feb 2021


You will be aware that DfC in partnership with the Equality Commission for NI and Disability Employment Sector will be delivering awareness sessions to employer facing staff (and their Line Managers) in DfC and in the disability Sector. 

You will have received confirmation of the dates and times of the two awareness sessions you will be attending.

The aims of the programme were outlined in your awareness session invite.

This will be an annual programme and to help us to design awareness sessions that are relevant to you and your job role going forward, we are asking you to complete and return the confidential learning needs questionnaire accessed through the link below.

We will also use this questionnaire to determine a baseline of confidence, awareness of disability employment and knowledge of disability support to employers among participants before attending the awareness session. The assessment will be confidential and responses will be anonymous.

The session will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

We will also conduct confidential evaluations of the programme after each awareness session, to ensure the training is beneficial to you.

Thank you for your valuable input.



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