People & Place Strategy for Northern Ireland - Locality Co-Design Session 2 questionnaire

Closed 13 Jan 2023

Opened 10 Oct 2022


A review of the “People and Place – A strategy for Neighbourhood Renewalis underway with an inclusive co-design approach to develop a new Strategy to deliver an effective, efficient and more integrated place based approach to target deprivation based on objective need. This will align with the emerging Anti-Poverty Strategy and consider a Community Wealth Building approach.   

We have started the conversation within your council area by establishing a Locality Co-design Group which includes local government, local statutory and local community organisations with workshops every couple of months.

Session 1 was completed over the summer and Session 2 has begun, with a focus and discussion on Community Wealth Building approach and how such an approach could be part of the solution to addressing poverty and deprivation in your area. Community Wealth Building is an economic development model that transforms local economies based on direct community ownership and control of assets. For more information on community wealth building see here

Our aim is to actively engage and bring together people from a wide range of sectors, to draw together their collective experiences to help design a strategy and its implementation action plan which will deliver for those communities and people most in need.

This online questionnaire asks the same questions that are considered at the Locality Co-design Group Session 2. We need you to be part of this conversation and to add your voice based on the experience within your community.

The Community Wealth Building presentation from Session 2 is available below. You may wish to read them before answering the questions as they provide some information on the Community Wealth Building concept.

You will of course have other opportunities to input your ideas as this process evolves, including the opportunity to comment on the specifics of the draft strategy and action plan in due course. 


What happens next

The outputs from these online surveys along with other co-design outputs will provide a comprehensive, rich and up to date evidence base to support the development of the new strategy.


Your response will be anonymous and will be treated in confidence.


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