Copy of Copy of New Entrant Feedback April 2022

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Closes 31 Mar 2023


1. Date started CMS
2. Name of Class C ?
3. How confident do you feel in the following areas now you have completed the Telephony /Customer service sessions?
4. CMS Telephony security.
5. Importance of not disclosing customers information .
6. Aware of the accessibility tools available to assist our customers such as the interpreter service (DAL)
7. Promoting the My Child Maintenance Case (MCMC)
8. Building a rapport and showing empathy to your customers
9. Dealing with an angry / anxious customer
10. Recognising UCB (unacceptable customer behaviours )
11. Are you confident with using the Complex needs tool
12. Are you aware of the requirement to use the Times-tables when discussing timescales with customers
13. Are you aware of the requirement that all call details are recorded accurately on the 2012 system (Notes )
14. Delivering an excellent customer service
15. Can you rate the the following statements
16. The digital delivery met my needs
17. The facilitator/s delivery was positive and engaging
18. The calls we listened to enabled good discussion
19. If you answered no to any of the above questions can you record why
20. What did you enjoy most about the Telephony Sessions? -
21. What did you enjoy least about the Telephony Sessions?
22. Are you aware of the support available to assist you in your role , IE Mental health first aiders , Floorwalkers ,
23. Why is it important to you to provide a good customer service to our customers
24. Anything else you would like to add re the Telephony/Customer Service sessions