Copy of New Entrant Feedback Arrears final

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Closes 31 Mar 2024


1. Date started CMS
2. Name of Class C ?
3. I am confident navigating Seibel
4. I know how to triage a case
5. I understand the use of Nadds and priority indicators
6. I feel confident calling Employer
7. I am confident taking in-bound calls.
8. I am confident making outbound calls to clients or Employers.
9. I am aware of and use Child Maintenance instructions
10. I understand the arrears Management process (How to set up a MOPF, DEO, refer for disclosure /LO)
11. I have worked through the following, Change of Circumstances:
12. I can complete a case closure.
13. I can action.
14. I have completed a or been shown an example of
15. The length of consolidation was appropriate.
16. The consolidators delivery was positive and engaging.
17. Is there anything would you like to see included in consolidation which we did not cover?


18. Is there is any other feedback you would like to provide?