Building Successful Communities Programme Feedback Survey

Closed 11 Feb 2024

Opened 8 Jan 2024


The Department for Communities is launching a feedback survey on the Building Successful Communities Programme.

The Building Successful Communities (BSC) initiative was part of the Facing the Future - Housing Strategy for Northern Ireland and aimed to use housing intervention as one of the main catalysts for local regeneration. The BSC Programme launched in October 2013 and identified six pilot areas to take account of geographical variation and range of differing characteristics.

The six areas selected were:

  1. Doury Road, Ballymena
  2. Lenadoon and Glencolin, Belfast
  3. Lower Falls, Belfast
  4. Lower Oldpark and Hillview, Belfast
  5. Lower Shankill and Brown Square, Belfast
  6. Tigers Bay and Mountcollyer, Belfast

Housing interventions have been used as a driver to regenerate each pilot area with the aim to stop and reverse community decline.  Wider regeneration in the target areas was also unlocked through environmental upgrading including improving community access to amenities. 

A Post Programme Review has commenced, the purpose of which is to evaluate the BSC Programme against original plans and objectives including an overview of the financial intervention by pilot area.  The Review is intended to assist informing and shaping any future policy.  The purpose of this feedback survey is to gather views from partners and key stakeholders on the Programme benefits realised in each of the six pilot areas.

Why your views matter

The aim of this feedback survey is to seek evidence to help the Department to determine the impact of the BSC Programme.  The Department will consider the responses received and, following that, publish a report on the Departmental website, which will set out an analysis of responses and the Department’s next steps.

Whether you are a resident of a pilot area, a member of a BSC Forum or Steering Group, a community group, a political representative, a member of the public, or someone representing a statutory body we want to hear your views on this important issue.

Your responses to this survey will make an important contribution to the Department’s work as an evidence base and support future housing-led regeneration policy to provide a more efficient service to all communities in NI.

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