Education Technology Service Survey Test

Closed 23 Jul 2020

Opened 23 Apr 2020


The ETS team is undertaking a short study with regard to the provision of devices under the forthcoming new managed service.
We want to ensure that the project reflects the needs of schools and would really appreciate you investing the very short time it takes to complete this survey.
Please note that at this early stage in the project, no guarantee of future device provision can be given.  

Why your views matter

Think of a perfect world where you could request the number and type of device that would meet the teaching and learning needs of each year group and every teacher and administrator in your school.
Start with a blank canvas- there are no other devices provided by the managed service in your school.
In this perfect world there are no issues with broadband speed, bandwidth or network points to influence your decisions.
Your choices are based purely upon the best scenario for providing educational excellence for your pupils and young people and achieving the vision for ETS.



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  • Primary Education
  • Post-Primary Education
  • Pre-school Education