Department of Education Consultation on Period Products (Free Provision) Regulations

Closed 17 Oct 2022

Opened 22 Aug 2022

Results updated 28 Oct 2022

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Outcome of Consultation


The Department of Education (DE) is consulting with its 'Public Service Bodies' and also welcomes views from its wider stakeholder base. 

The Consultation relates to proposals for Regulations (secondary legislation) that DE has to have in place by 11 May 2023, under the Period Products (Free Provision) Act (Northern Ireland) 2022. 

DE is not consulting on whether or not free period products should be widely available to the public - that is already provided for under the Act.  The Regulations will be the first step in putting the law into place in DE's areas of responsibility, including schools, Education Other Than At School (EOTAS) settings , pupil referral units, statutory youth settings and office accomodation of specified 'Public Service Bodies'.  

A full Consultation Document is attached (scroll down to 'related documents') which can be downloaded or printed for consideration, before answering the questions on line.  


Why your views matter

The Regulations will place a legal duty on the specified Public Service Bodies to ensure arrangements are in place for period products to be provided free of charge on their premises. It is therefore important to identify any concerns and make necessary changes, before the proposals become law.

What happens next

The proposed Regulations will be drafted, taking views gathered through this consultation into account.  The next step will be for the Northern Ireland Assembly to approve them.  DE will then provide guidance to Public Service Bodies on their duties under this new law.  Please note DE will be consulting on this guidance seperately before it is issued. Public Service Bodies will have until 11 May 2024 to have their arrangements in place.


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