YJA Staff Recognition Event (JJC Staff Opinions)

Closed 20 Mar 2024

Opened 27 Feb 2024


The idea of 'Staff Recgnition Event' has been suggested as potential idea for the Youth Justice Agency to recognition staff and celebrate achievement. 

Why your views matter

The Staff Recognition T&F Group would like to get the opinions of all YJA staff as to whether staff would like this type of event and if so the who, what, when, were and why of how we should do it.

This survey hopes to catch the opinions of all JJC Staff and Support Staff so that I can feedback and make sure our opinions and ideas are heard.

Thanks, Nicky 

What happens next

Thank you!

If you have any other suggestions as to how the Agency can recognise staff and celebrate achievements please let me know, as I can feed these back also.


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