Audio and Video Links (Live Links) for Northern Ireland Court and Tribunal Hearings: A Public Consultation by the Department of Justice

Closed 26 Sep 2022

Opened 29 Jul 2022


You are invited and encouraged to share your views on the Department of Justice: Audio and Video Links (Live Links) for Northern Ireland Court and Tribunal Hearings: A Public Consultation

This consultation and questions are designed to elicit your thoughts and comments on a number of key issues, which can be responded to in full or in part, guided by where your interest lies.

The online consultation has 18 pages.

  • Page 1- 2 contain the Title and Ministerial Forward.
  • Page 3 contains the Executive Summary which will signpost you to the chapters relevant to each of the topics upon which questions are posed.  While we hope you might read the whole consultation document, we recommend you do read the Executive Summary before answering any of the consultation questions.  
  • Page 4 allows you to provide your contact information if you wish to do so.
  • Page 5-15 contain detailed consultation information, please note questions begin on page 11.
  • Page 16 provides Freedom of information and privacy statements.
  • Page 17-18 allows you to review and submit your response.

Scroll down and click the link entitled ‘Public Consultation’ to begin.  You can click on continue to navigate to each chapter.

The full consultation paper is available to view and download at Audio and Video links for Court and Tribunal Hearings: Public Consultation


The Department is pleased to inform you that we will be holding an engagement event in relation to our Audio and Video links for Court and Tribunal Hearings: Public Consultation

It is hoped this will provide an opportunity for you to ask the review team about the options posed within the consultation, to seek any clarification you might require and  for the review team to listen to any concerns or alternative options you might wish to raise on the use of live links in courts and tribunals in Northern Ireland.

This engagement event can be attended either in person at Law Society House (details below) or via WebEx (details of which will be provided upon registration for the event). Please note that as in person numbers are limited pre-registration for this event is essential.  Registration at the earliest opportunity is advised to secure in person attendance.

If you wish to join via WebEx, you are advised to register on or before 14 September 2022, to guarantee you are furnished with the requisite details to access the event. If you are unable to attend please feel free to circulate this invitation to colleagues who may be available or interested in attending. If a colleague is available to attend could you please advise them to register for this event on or before 14 September 2022.

Date: 16 September 2022
Venue:  Second Floor meeting Space, Law Society House, 96 Victoria Street, Belfast, BT1 3GN.
Time: 3.00pm – 4.30pm  

The Review Team appreciate that the timing of this event may not suit all and will try to facilitate a virtual engagement discussion with you before this consultation closes on 26 September 2022 should you wish to seek clarification on any pertinent matter or particular concern. You can request such an engagement meeting by emailing the Review Team at the email address below.

Registration requests and any response to this Notice should be sent to the Review Team at:


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