Consultation : Review of List of Specified Offences

Closed 25 Sep 2023

Opened 30 Jun 2023


The department is consulting on proposals arising from the Review of the List of Specified Offences. This List sets out the serious and violent crimes (including sexual crimes and crimes relating to safeguarding or child protection matters) that are not subject to the AccessNI Filtering Scheme and will always appear on AccessNI standard or enhanced checks. The purpose for the review of the List that has been undertaken by the Department of Justice incorporates the following factors:-

• Ease of use and understanding / application of legislative provisions;

• Update for inclusion of appropriate offences introduced since 2014; and

• Review of existing listed offences, for consideration of removal from the List.

Following this review, the Department is considering bringing forward several proposals (as set out in the Consultation Paper) to update and improve how this aspect of the Filtering Scheme is administered. We would welcome your comments on these proposals. We intend to publish a summary of responses on our website upon completion of the consultation process. However, any contact details, which will identify a respondent as a private individual, will be removed prior to publication. The consultation document, response questionnaire and impact assessments can also be viewed on the Department of Justice's website at;

Consultation Paper – Review of List of Specified Offences | Department of Justice (

** This consultation will close on 25th September 2023


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