Commissioner Designate for Victims of Crime - Survey on the experience of victims of crime in Northern Ireland

Closed 31 Mar 2024

Opened 1 Sep 2023


The purpose of the survey is to understand victims of crime experience of the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey, which should take about 30 minutes to complete. You can save your answers and return to the survey at another time.

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Please do not begin to complete this survey if you are fearful of someone interrupting you.

The main job of the Victims of Crime Commissioner Designate is to tell our government and criminal justice organisations what victims think and what they need to change to make the system better. This will include giving examples of where victims are not treated in the way that is promised by the Victim Charter.  In order to do this, we need to hear directly from victims of crime.

This survey asks questions about your experience of the Criminal Justice System so we can identify key system issues that need to be addressed.  We do not need to know the exact details of what happened to you, but we will ask broadly and briefly about the type of crime you experienced. Please also know that the Commissioner is keen to meet with any victim who would like to share their story and its impact with her.

You may be upset in thinking about your experience and prefer not to participate in this survey; you can stop your participation at any point.  If you need support to deal with the impact of the crime or that this survey brings up painful memories for you, please contact one of the support services available whose details can be found here   

Criminal cases can take a long time to get to court in Northern Ireland so we would like to hear from anyone who has been a victim of crime from 2018 onwards.  We will take all the answers that victims provide and use it as evidence of what victims think of the criminal justice system. 

The survey is anonymous which means you will not be able to be identified from our report. At the end we ask if you will allow us to use the words that you said but without using your name.  We also ask if you would be willing to give an email address to be contacted for future research. 

Please see our Privacy Policy which explains how we collect, use and store personal information.

We are keen to hear from any victim who wants to complete this survey, including parents or carers of children who have been a victim. If you support someone who has been a victim who would like to respond but can't do so because of language, age, lack of internet access or other barriers, please feel free to fill in the survey with  them (or in the case of children, for them).  If you would like to request the survey in a different format or would like us to assist you to complete this form over the telephone please contact us at or call us on 028 9052 6607.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:



What happens next

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Please remember to click on the submit button so that your answers can be recorded. We will prepare a research report based on your responses and publish on our website. We will use your responses to make recommendations on how to improve the criminal justice system for victims in Northern Ireland.

For further information about our reviewds and reports, please visit our website

The Victim Charter

You can find out more information about your entitlements as a victim of crime through the following links:

Sources of Support

Useful organisations

If you feel you want to speak to someone about what happended to you, or if you feel unsure of what to do, there are services who can listen, provide emotional support, and provide information.

You should be refrred to, and have access to, free of charge confidential support services that can help you, according to your needs. these include the services provided by Victim Support NI and NSPCC Young Witness Service.

Victim Support NI helps people who have been a victim of, or witness to, a crime. They provide emotional support, information and practical help to victims, witnesses and others affected by crime by offering community and witness services and help in applying for compensation. They can provide services even if you do not wish to report the crime. They cna refer you to specialist support services even if you do not wish to report the crime. they can refer you to specialist support services, where appropriate and available. To talk confidentially about what happened to you, or any concerns that you have, you can phone Victim Support NI on 028 9024 3133.

The NSPCC Young Witness service provides support and information for children and young people under the age of 18 who may have to give evidence in court. The service also aims to help parents and carers support their child or young person through the court process.

Additional help is also available for specific crime types or type of victim:

Children and young people:

  • NSPCC Northern Ireland 028 9035 1135
  • NSPCC Young Witness Service (at court) 028  9448 7533

Domestic abuse/violence:

  • 24 hour domestic and sexual violence helpline 0808 802 1414
  • Women's Aid Federation: 028 9024 9041
  • Men's Advisory Project 028 9024 1929
  • ASSIST NI - advocacy for victims of domestic abuse:

Hate Crime:

  • Hate Crime Advocacy Service: 028 9024 3133

Details of hate crime advocates can be found at Annex C of the Victim Charter or at:  


  • Cruse Bereavement Care 028 9079 2419 or 0844 477 9400
  • Support after Murder and Manslaughter NI 028 9442 9009
  • Care for the Family 028 9262 8050

Road traffic death:

  • Brake 0845 603 8570
  • Cruse Bereavement Care 028 9079 2419 or 0844 477 9400

Sexual abuse/violence:

  • 24 hour domestic and sexual violence helpline 0808 802 1414
  • Nexus 028 9032 6803
  • The Rowan Sexual Assault Referral Centre 0800 389 4424
  • ASSIST NI - advocacy for victims of sexual abuse:
  • Sexual Offence Legal Advisers (SOLAs): 028 9024 3133
  • Child Independent Sexual Violence Advocates: 028 9024 3133
  • Rape Crisis NI - 0800 0246 991 (Mon - Thurs: 6-8pm)


  • Migrant Help 24 hour helpline 077 6666 8781 and 013 0420 3977
  • Modern slavery 24 hour helpline 0800 0121 700
  • Also see domestic violence above.

Contact details for support organisations, including specialist support services (for example, for bereaved families or for victims of domestic and sexual abuse or violence, hate crime or trafficking) can be found at Annex C of the Victim Charter or at

Thank you again for sharing your experiences with us.



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