Design considerations for a Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan

Closes 12 Apr 2024

Opened 17 Jan 2024


The Department for the Economy (DfE) is seeking stakeholders' views on the shape of Northern Ireland’s future Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan for our energy systems.  The SSFP is a path forward for the policy developments needed to deliver the Executive’s Energy Strategy, and the energy side of the Climate Change Act decarbonisation targets.

Northern Ireland (NI) will need to transform its energy system, and especially its elecricity system to deliver the net zero targets in the Executive's Energy Strategy and the Climate Change Act 2023.

The SSFP will set the pathway forward for the energy system policies which NI will need to achieve its net zero targets.

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Why your views matter

Energy affects everyone.  This is especially true in NI where we have significant heating needs.  We currently rely on fossil fuels to give us heat, power and transport.  We will need to transform our energy system, so this will affect everyone in NI, and thus our plan for the path forward to achieve our net zero targets will affect everyone.

With such a broad effect it is important that we (the Department) receive the views of NI citizens and energy consumers to ensure that the transition to a new, renewables based, smart and flexible energy system is just and fair, and that it achieves all of our aims in a sufficiently timely manner.


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  • Energy Storage Operators
  • Energy Market Participants


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