Learning Needs Analysis

Closed 26 Oct 2022

Opened 20 Oct 2022


As a Department we have set out our ‘10X Economy’ economic vision, setting an ambitious pathway for fundamental change to our economy. As we navigate this economic transformation we need to ensure our people have the skills to deliver the dependent 10x strategies and policies, and the culture of innovation required. The ODT Leadership and Skills Project is aimed at supporting DfE’s people to develop these key skills to deliver the 10X Economy economic vision and contribute to the Skills Strategy: Skills for a 10X Economy. ​

To support the design and introduction of a Learning and Development Strategy for DfE, there is a desire to engage with staff to establish a baseline of individuals current skills and experience, and to understand the skills areas individuals need in their role including those they would like to develop in the future. ​


  • You HAVE IT – you have the right level of knowledge and capacity in this area for your current role;
  • You NEED IT – you require additional learning/support in this area for your current role;
  • You WANT IT – although not directly relevant to your current role, you are interested in developing your understanding and capability in this area for your future development;
  • You could SHARE IT – you are skilled/knowledgeable and could support others to learn in this area; or
  • This area is not applicable to your current role – N/A”

Why your views matter

  • Address current challenges such as the absence of an L&D strategy and structured career pathways, lack of data into current level of skills / training possessed by staff and inconsistent approaches to skills development and skills matching. ​

  • Inform targeted interventions for learning needs that can be delivered across various channels (e.g. formal / informal training, inform you sessions etc.) and at corporate, divisional and individual level. ​

  • Produce a central record of skills and experience.​

What happens next

The results will be analysed to inform the Department on the future Learning and skills development process


  • DfE Staff


  • Quality Improvement