Learning and Skills Snapshot exercise

Closed 24 Feb 2023

Opened 11 Jan 2023


The ODT programme's Leadership and Skills Project aims to support DfE’s people to develop the skills they need to thrive in their careers and deliver the 10X Economic Vision. 

​​Our senior leaders have identified skill areas that are of particular strategic importance at present.  A number of these are core skills that everyone would generally expect to have, proportionate to their role and grade.

We are now undertaking a DfE-wide ‘Learning and Skills Snapshot’ exercise involving all staff up to and including G6, in order to:

  • provide insight into the current levels of skills and experience of our people, and identify gaps in areas needed to deliver 10X and other strategic priorities;
  • inform a Learning & Development Strategy and Action Plan, with targeted interventions to address key skills gaps​; and
  • support line managers and staff in having focussed conversations on priority learning needs and development.

Please ensure you consult the Guidance materials on the DfE Intranet before completing the survey, as these provide more detail on the relevant knowledge and skills.

Why your views matter

Everyone up to G6 is requested to complete this survey in order to provide an accurate overview of the extent to which particular skills are already held throughout the Department, or where they may be required.

This is needed to inform plans to provide targeted learning and development opportunities to address any significant skills gaps.  ​

What happens next

The results will be analysed to inform ODT work on a Learning and Development Strategy and Action Plan, containing steps to address key skills gaps.   


  • DfE Staff


  • Quality Improvement