Culture Roadmap Task and Finish Group

Closed 18 May 2022

Opened 6 May 2022


As we work to finalise the DfE Culture Charter, we need to plan how to make it a reality in the Department.  We want to develop a Roadmap of actions to embed the desired culture in the short and longer term. 

It is vital that we have input to this process from the wider Department.  We are therefore setting up a short-term Task and Finish Group, chaired by Justin Kerr, to take this work forward.  The aim is to complete a draft Roadmap by the end of July.

This is a great opportunity to get actively involved and make a difference - all you need are your own ideas.  More information on Task and Finish Groups is available here

Please consider expressing interest below.  Depending on the response, not everyone may be selected to take part.  However, we’ll aim to appoint a balanced team that represents a range of different perspectives.



Why your views matter

Your valuable input would be welcomed, to help embed the desired culture for the department.


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