State care monuments survey

Closed 17 Nov 2021

Opened 20 Oct 2021


There are currently 190 state care monuments in Northern Ireland. This means that the monuments are cared for by the Department for Communities and are either owned by, or under the guardianship of the Department.  These historic monuments represent much of human history ranging from some of the oldest built structures (dolmens, cairns and stone tombs) through early Christian sites (crosses, churches and towers) to medieval buildings (castles, bawns, mottes and friaries) and beyond (windmills, forts, gas works). Some of the most well-known state care monuments are Derry Walls, Carrickfergus Castle, Dunluce Castle, Navan Fort and Devenish Island.

As these properties are under the care of the Department for Communities, the Department is responsible for paying for their preservation and upkeep.  We would like to hear from you about how these monuments are important to you and what you would like us to prioritise in relation to them.

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