Closed 15 Jun 2023

Opened 25 May 2023


The Minority Ethnic Deliberative Forum acts as an interface between Arts Council partners, and constituents in the arts sector, wider community, voluntary and statutory sectors. It creates a space for the Arts Council to engage with institutions, agencies, groups and artists and deliberate on matters relevant to the Minority Ethnic arts community and to contribute to strategy-making processes or programme development or any other relevant issue requiring attention.

The overall purpose of the DF is to ensure that the Arts Council understands the views of key stakeholders and enables them to inform the delivery and direction of strategy and policy and to ensure effective arts opportunities are provided to Minority Ethnic artists. Specifically:

      • To ensure the Arts Council are aware of Minority Ethnic specific issues and to ensure that its programmes and strategy/policy development consider these; and
      • To raise awareness and promote specific Minority Ethnic arts activity.

The helps to provide a voice for under-represented groups by involving individuals beyond those traditionally associated with decision-making.

Why your views matter

Arts Council (NI) would like feedback from you on your experience as a Deliberative Forum member.


  • Voluntary and Community Sector


  • Ethnicity