Homelessness Framework Evaluation-post

Closes 3 Feb 2023

Opened 18 Oct 2022



  • In November 2022 pilot offices initiated rollout of the Homelessness framework, we are now seeking feedback on the delivery of this framework in your office. The aim of the evaluation is to determine whether the implementation of the “framework for our citizens experiencing homelessness”, has increased engagement in the test and learn Jobs and Benefits Offices (JBOs) with those experiencing homelessness. All responses collected kept confidential and are anonymised per region.

  • Engagement is defined as a work coach positively interacting with a person experiencing homelessness and may include activities such as; providing advice and guidance on benefits, signposting or referring to local provision, a general wellbeing conversation.
  • Engagement methods may include: face to face in the JBO, telephony or outreach. Outreach is defined as engagement with a customer that is conducted at an external site i.e. a community organisation.
  • We are also interested in positive customer outcomes relating to areas such as employment or training, support with benefits / finances, health and wellbeing.
  • It is important that we capture engagement and outcomes with all those who fall into the categories of homelessness. A person may be homeless if they are (NISRA, 2022):
  • staying with friends or family
  • staying in a hostel
  • staying in a bed and breakfast
  • living in very overcrowded conditions
  • at risk of violence if they stay in their home
  • living in poor conditions that are damaging their health
  • living in a house that is unsuitable for them
  • sleeping on the streets

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