Caa fer Views oan the Ulster Scots Expert Adwisory Penels' Recommendations

Closed 29 Apr 2022

Opened 7 Mar 2022



A Caa fer Views hes bein' launched 'langside the cummin oot o' the Expert Adwisory Penel Recommendations Reports.  The wittens gaithered wul help wi' informin' the forderin o' twa new maide draft plens led bae the Depairtment fer Commonities. 

(i) an Ulster-Scots Leid, Heirskeip an' Culture Plen; an'

(ii)  an Airish Leid Plen

Thaire bes a commitment unner the New Decade New Approach 'Greement tae tak' oan the principals an' prattick o' citizen an' commonity engagement, co-design an' co-production durin' the forderin an' deliverin' o' baith plens.  The mair, Pairt 28D o' the Norlin Airlan Ect (19&98)commits tae the forderin o' baith plens an' wul mak' betther an' bield the forderin o' the Airish leid an' mak' betther an' forder the Ulster-Scots leid, heirskeip an' culture.

Meenester Hargey stairted twa Expert Adwisory Penels tae bring thegither a wide range o' academic an' commonity experience fer the purpone o' maakin recommendations at the plens shud leuk tae address.  thae recommendations hae bein' set oot es the twa reports at hae bein' brocht oot 'langside this speirin.

Hoo tae shaire yer views

We welcum yer views oan the Expert Adwisory Penels' recommendations Reports an' thaire ir a wheen o' wies at ye'll bae fit tae get involved.  Ye can uise es monie o' thaim es ye want tae bae clickin' the apt links.

* Dae oor oanline surveys es a member o' the public (aiged 16 ir mair).  Ivry 'Caa fer Views' speirin shud tak' aboot 20 - 25 mannits tae dae.

* Pit in evidence, wittens an' data bae completin' oor oanline screevit repone foarm, at hes a nummer o' questions adae wi' each airt o' the report.  Tae dae thon please click oan the continue button aa the fit o' this page.(see the page efter fer accompanyin' owreview)

* AnEasy Read version o' the Caa fer Views paiper hes a wheen o' questions fer ye tae ansuer.

Afore reponin uisin onie o' the wies abeen, ye micht fin' hit a help tae read the Caa fer Views paiper.

Caa fer Views oan the Expert Adwisory Penels' Recommendations Reports fer an Airish Leid plen an' an Ulster-Scots Leid, Heirskeip an' Culture plen

Fer wie ir we daein this speirin?

We ir intherested in hearin' the public's views aboot the Recommendations Reports maide bae the Expert Adwisory Penels.  Thae wittens wul bae a sarious help an' wul bae uised tae help wi' forderin the Airish Leid Plen an' the Ulster-Scots Leid, Heirskeip an' Culture Plen.

Each survey bes appen tae fowk aiged 16 an' abeen an' ivryboadie bes welcum tae dae yin ir baith.  Fer thaim aiged unner 16 we ir axin oor pairtner organisations tae houl airted focus curn collouges.

Monie thanks fer yer intherest an' fer taakin pairt in this speirin.


Quhat daes mae taakin pairt involve?

Each speirin shud tak' nae mair nor 10 - 20 mannits tae dae.  Thaire irnae onie richt ir wrang repones.  Please gie es honest a notion es ye feel fit tae.

Aa repones  wul bae fully anonymous an' nae boadie wul ken at ye tuk pairt.  We dinnae ax fer yer naime aa onie point (forebye yer epoast address gif yer wantin' a coapie o' yer repone).  Hooiniver we we wul ax aboot sim o' yer characteristics (fer example aige, gender, sexual airtin, ethnicity, etc) es thon bes a help tae iz in unnerstannin the views o' fowk fae a wheen o' differ demographic beckgruns.  Hooiniver thae speirins ir voluntary an' thaire's nae pressure oan onieboadie tae ansuer thaim.


Fer wie dae mae views matther?

Yer views oan the Expert Adwisory Penels' Recommendations Reports wul help iz tae forder draft plens fer the purpones o' maakin betther an' bieldin the forderin o' an' Airish Leid Plen an' maakin betther an' forderin an Ulster-Scots Leid, Heirskeip an' Culture Plen.

A public speirin wul bae hel' oan the draft plens laiter oan quhan they ir finished.

Hits adwisable tae read the Caa fer Views paiper afore completin' the speirin.

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