ACNI 2024 Staff Survey

Closed 8 Mar 2024

Opened 22 Feb 2024


The Arts Council is carrying out a staff survey to hear your views on the organisation, how well you feel it is run, your role within it, and attitudes to things like hybrid working.

Given work pressures across the organisation, ensuring all voices are heard is really important.  The findings will be used, internally, to support decision-making, particularly as it relates to HR and Corporate Services.  

The survey is anonymous and findings will be analysed by Strategic Development.  There are no direct identifiers used within the survey and we would ask you not to identify any individual in your responses by name.  

Please work through the questionnaire carefully, considering your responses fully.  In order for the findings to be representative, it is important you answer all the questions.  

You have the option of closing the survey and returning to it at a later date if you wish.  

The closing date for the survey is 5.00pm on Friday 8th March.


  • DFC Staff


  • Communications