Key Stakeholders - Sport and Physical Activity Strategy 2020 to 2030 and beyond - Pre-consultation survey – Phase 1 Engagement

Closed 27 Nov 2020

Opened 17 Jul 2020


The Department for Communities is developing a new Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for Northern Ireland to cover the period to 2030 and beyond.

The new strategy will build on the successful foundations of the Sport Matters strategy which was published in 2009 and which continues to guide Government policy until the new strategy is agreed and put in place.

The new strategy will be cross-Departmental in nature. That means that it will cover all the Departments of the Northern Ireland Executive and will focus on linkages and shared outcomes between sport and physical activity and other policies of the Executive, such as physical and mental health and well-being, education, transport, economic, urban and rural regeneration, good relations, community safety, social inclusion and social equality.

The new strategy is being developed through a process of co-design with a wide range of stakeholders. Co-design is a process of developing the strategy jointly and in consultation with those who have a key interest in sport and physical activities, and those who are currently not engaging in such activities and using their views to help shape and refine the final document.   

As an early part of the co-design process the Department for Communities is keen to know the initial views of a range of key interest groups on issues, concerns and future opportunities in relation to sport and physical activity. These will be collected through this survey and any focus groups or meetings, as requested, with your sector.  The Department will then seek to ensure that those issues, concerns and future opportunities are considered effectively in the formal consultation process and ultimately in the development of the new strategy for sport and physical activity.

Why your views matter

The Department would welcome your views on the issues, concerns and future opportunities which should be addressed in the new sport and physical activity strategy.

The information you provide in completing this survey will be controlled and processed in line with Data Protection Legislation by the DfC and its Communications Unit. To find out more about how we handle your personal information, DfC’s Privacy Notice can be viewed online at In order to facilitate the survey, Citizen Space, which is not operated by DfC, is used as a data processor. Details of Citizen Space's privacy policy can be found online at Individuals will not be identifiable from the results; some comment within responses to this consultation may be disclosed, although they will not attributed to anyone.


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