Board of Governors Reconstitution

Closed 24 Jun 2021

Opened 9 Jun 2021


For the attention of School Leaders and Board of Governors at Controlled and Maintained Schools

Why your views matter

The current 4 year term of office of the Board of Governors of all controlled and maintained schools will expire in June 2022.  If this affects your school, the Department of Education wishes to seek your views on whether the reconstitution should be delayed until 2023.  This proposed delay is based on the challenging context within which schools are operating due to Covid.  In light of these pressures, we are keen to ascertain whether schools would welcome postponing the reconstitution from 2022 until 2023.  This short survey is now open for views and will close on 24 June 2021.  You may wish to note in the event of a delay to the reconstitution, governors may remain in office until their successors are appointed.

We would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire so we can gather your views.

Your response will be anonymous and any views you express will be treated in confidence.

What happens next

Thank you for completing the survey, the results will be analysed to help inform a decision about reconstitution in 2022 or 2023.


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  • Primary Education
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