“Sustainability and Environmental Education in Outdoor Sports” (SEE).

Closed 31 Jul 2021

Opened 20 May 2021


Dear Colleague

We are involved in an EU project on the “Sustainability and Environmental Education in Outdoor Sports” (SEE).

The aim of the SEE project is to provide good pedagogical methodologies that will increase the competences in sustainability and environmental education of multipliers (leaders, guides, instructors) in the field of outdoor sport and ensure that the impacts of such activities are minimised and mitigated.

We are working closely with colleagues in the EUROPARC Federation to capture any issues but also good practice with respect to outdoor sports use in protected areas.

However, we also keen to capture any significant issues associated with outdoor sports that are not in protected areas but could include local forests, coastal areas, semi-urban parks etc.

For example – mountain biking and illegal trail building in urban parks where user conflict is a significant issue or sea kayakers disturbing seals in coastal (but unprotected) areas.

For this survey, the definition that we are using for outdoor sports is as follows:

They are activities that are carried out in a natural place with the core aim of dealing with a natural element, are perceived as (at least minimally) physically demanding (so e.g. not bird watching but it does not have to be high-level performance sport), and they are non-motorized during the activity itself.

As a land / water manager, we would be keen to get your views on any issues (or good management practices) that you have and as such would appreciate 15 minutes of your time to feedback on these. Please only provide a maximum of three examples.


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