Northern Ireland Housing Executive Staff Wellbeing Survey

Closed 30 Jun 2020

Opened 29 Mar 2020


In recognition that working conditions affect worker wellbeing, the Housing Executive wishes to gather information about the wellbeing of staff in relation to various working conditions.  The following survey has therefore been compiled to gather information regarding this.

This survey is based on the Health and Safety Executive Management questionnaire, which consists of 35 questions relating to the six primary work related stressors. The questions are based on the best available evidence linking work design to health outcomes.  The Health and Safety Executive questionnaire was designed to provide a broad indication to organisations of how well their workforce rate their performance in managing the risks assosciated with work related stress.

Some additional questions have been added to allow comparisons between different areas of the organisation, groups of people and job roles but personal details will not be collected and all surveys will be anonymous.

The Housing Executive is committed to protecting your personal information and we take this responsibility seriously. We comply with all the principles of GDPR, and you can find our data protection information at

Why your views matter

The Housing Executive wishes to gather information about the well-being of staff, in relation to various working conditions. Responses to this survey will be collated to provide a picture of the current situation and to help measure the effectiveness of any future measures taken to improve wellbeing or reduce workplace stress. Your contribution will be valuable in terms of gathering information and will help inform key decisions.

Your responses to the questions will help the Housing Services Personal Resilience Steering Group understand our working conditions now and enable us to monitor future improvements. They may be used by Human Resources to inform interventions, for example; occupational health support or employee assistance programmes. Data will also be collated and analysed to meet the objectives of a dissertation in Human Resource Management.

Taking part in the survey is voluntary and should take around 15 - 20 minutes to complete.



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