Contract Management Meeting Report (CMMR)

Closed 5 Nov 2021

Opened 20 Oct 2021


Welcome to the Contract Management Meeting Report (CMMR) survey. This survey will be used to collect your input and opinions to shape the report.

The need to create an agenda report came from members of the Contract Management (CM) team. Via a department survey the use of an automated report was raised as a way to assist in preparing for a CM meeting. Such a report would result in a significant reduction in repetitive tasks such as checking the KPIs of the service, description details of the service and audit of contacts to name a few. This idea was added to the BI pipeline and through a survey of which projects should be given priority, this report came out as one of priority.

Please add any additional ideas or requests in the comments boxes that have been provided throughout. For any additional information please email me on Matthew.wilson@NIHE.GOV.UK.


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