Outworking of the NICS 2019 People Survey

Closed 17 Jun 2020

Opened 8 Jun 2020


The results of the NICS 2019 People Survey were published on 30 January.

Overall P&R results indicate that we like our teams, feel respected and that managers are considerate of our outside lives.

There were, however three themes where P&R staff statistically scored below the NICS and DoF averages, they were:

  • Organisational Objectives & Purpose
  • Learning and Development
  • Leadership & Managing Change

The Director of Pay & Reward has set up a team to understand why these themes scored more negatively and to identify ways in which our work experiences can be improved.



Why We Are Consulting

Our team would like to understand what motivated your responses to the NICS 2019 People Survey, your knowledge, underlying feelings and details.

We have put together a short questionnaire, addressing the above three themes, to help give us the insight and information we need to establish plans and enable improvements. The plans and improvements will help support and give confidence to you, in your roles within the Pay & Reward Directorate.

The questionnaire will take no more that 5-10 minutes to complete.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous, unless you specifically request direct feedback and provide contact details.

A link to the NICS 2019 People Survey results is available by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


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