Western Trust Involvement Mapping

Closes 31 Mar 2022

Opened 30 Jun 2021


Service User and Carer Involvement can be described as:

“A process whereby service users/carers and the public are empowered and enabled to inform and influence the commissioning, planning, delivery and evaluation of Health and Social Care in ways that are relevant and meaningful to them”.

This mapping exercise enables the Trust to collate, analyse and showcase the amount of involvement taking place across the Trust as well as the impact and learning from this involvement. Involvement is a statutory obligation in the Trust and it is important we take time to evidence the impact of how we involve service user, carers and the public. 

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  • Health and social care staff


  • Quality and safety
  • Provision of health and social care services
  • Improvement of health and social care services
  • Patient/service user advocacy