encompass Communications Survey - Baseline

Closed 25 Jun 2021

Opened 1 Jun 2021


encompass is a regional initiative across Health and Social Care to introduce an integrated digital patient record, instantly accessible for everyone in Northern Ireland. It’s where all medical notes will be made, medicines prescribed, tests ordered and referrals made and received. Patients (and their carers) will be able to book appointments, review test results, and communicate with those providing their care.

Currently HSC uses lots of different IT systems which are old and need replaced. By bringing the information together in one shared record staff will be able to securely access, record and share information in real time. It will reduce duplication, help allocate resources appropriately and improve the quality of patient care.

Why your views matter

For encompass to achieve the objectives of providing digital transformation by connecting services and standardising workflows, it will require extensive staff engagement and input throughout the various phases of the programme. For this reason, a robust communications and engagement plan is required.

  • This survey will investigate levels of understanding and awareness of the encompass programme amongst all levels of HSC staff.
  • The survey will also seek to consider the most appropriate methods for communicating with all HSC staff in a post Covid-19 environment.
  • The survey findings will be presented to encompass leaders as a means of supporting and guiding future communication and engagement planning.



  • DOH Staff
  • HSCNI Staff
  • PHA Staff
  • Health and social care staff
  • Health and social care regulators


  • Staff engagement