(PPI) User & Carer Involvement experience questionnaire

Closed 8 Nov 2020

Opened 14 Oct 2020


Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) is also known as Service User Involvement and can be described as: how service users: patients, clients and carers (including the public) can have their say about care and treatment and the way services are planned and delivered.

PPI is a legislative requirement for Health and Social Care organisations as laid down in the Health and Social Services (Reform) Northern Ireland Act 2009.

We would appreciate you completing the below questionnaire, if you have been previously or still involved in PPI activities in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

This will allow us to further improve our engagement processes across the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

Please do not share any personal or senstive data during completion of survey.

For futher queries please contact the PPI team on:

Email:    ppi.team@southerntrust.hscni.net

Telephone:  028 3756 4472


  • All stakeholders


  • Improvement of health and social care services