Get involved - Hyponatraemia Implementation Programme

Closes 30 Jun 2021

Opened 19 Dec 2018


Get involved

To support the Hyponatraemia Implementation Programme, there will be a number of opportunities to get involved.  It is essential that members of the public and people who have experience in and care for those using Health and Social Care services help to shape how the recommendations will be implemented.  This may include commenting on information, participating in an engagement event such as a workshop or focus group or responding to a consultation.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date about the progress being made or would like the opportunity to get involved, please submit your details and how you would like to get involved by completing the form below.  An involvement programme of work will also be undertaken with HSC staff.

By registering to get involved, your details will be used to inform you about opportunities arising as part of the Hyponatraemia Implementation Programme.  Your details will be held until June 2020.  Should you require any further information, please email



  • Parents
  • School students
  • All stakeholders


  • Health and social care policy
  • Health and social care legislation
  • Quality and safety
  • Regulation of health and social care
  • Provision of health and social care services
  • Improvement of health and social care services
  • Patient/service user advocacy
  • Staff engagement