User engagement on format changes to the NICTS quarterly and annual statistical publications

Closed 22 Apr 2022

Opened 25 Mar 2022


The County Court, Crown Court, High Court, Magistrates' Court and Children Order publications present statistical information in relation to the criminal, civil and family business conducted by the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service (NICTS). These publications are provisional, with confirmed data for the calendar year subsquently published in an annual Judicial Statistics report.


These reports are produced by Analytical Services Group (ASG), the statisticians within the Department of Justice (DoJ). Covering the County Court, Crown Court, High Court, Magistrates Court and Children Order, the reports are produced, on a quarterly basis (February, May, August and November each year), as five individual publications. The Judicial Statistics  report is published annually. Each publication is produced in accordance with the Code of Practice for Statistics.

ASG have recently been reviewing the content and format of these publications with consideration being given to the possibility of amalgamating the data from the five quarterly reports into one single document, and simplifying the format of the annual Judicial Statistics publication. The statisticians have produced templates of how the new documents might look and what they would contain. They are now keen to engage with users of the publications to gather feedback.

Why your views matter

ASG would welcome your views on the replacement of the five quarterly statistical reports in their current format with the new single publication which covers all five areas of NICTS business. They would also welcome your views on the proposed amendment of the format of the annual Judicial Statistics publication. They would be grateful therefore if you would take a few minutes to consider the draft document and complete the following short survey.


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