Consultation on an Alternative Method for Funding Money Damages Claims

Closed 19 Feb 2016

Opened 3 Nov 2015


The Department of Justice has published a Consultation on an Alternative Method for Funding Money Damages Claims and is keen to hear the views of members of the public on the consultation.

The Consultation follows the Report of the Access to Justice Review Part II and deals specifically with the recommendations in the Report concerning an alternative method of funding money damages

The recommendations in the Report set out an alternative method of pursuing money damages claims with Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), otherwise known as “no win, no fee agreements”.  Money damages claims are claims for compensation for loss or injury.  Most money damages claims are for personal injury and include cases arising from clinical negligence, road traffic accidents, employers’ liability and tripping or slipping.

The proposals could allow for most areas of money damages cases to be removed from the scope of legal aid, saving money without disadvantaging potential claimants.  Importantly, the proposals are designed to increase access to justice by allowing those who do not financially qualify for legal aid, but cannot afford to pursue claims independently, the means to do so.

        How to Respond

You can respond to the Consultation by either:

  • taking the online survey below, or
  • responding to the longer list of questions in the Consultation Document using the contact details given.


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