Review of the Fees charged and the Frequency of Inspections undertaken by RQIA

Closed 30 Dec 2016

Opened 31 Oct 2016

Results expected 16 Jan 2017

Feedback expected 30 Jan 2017


The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) was established in 2003 as the independent body responsible for monitoring and inspecting registered establishments and agencies in order to encourage continuous improvement in the quality of health and social care services.

The Regulation and Improvement Authority (Fees and Frequency of Inspections) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2005 sets out the fees payable by registered establishments and agencies and the frequency of inspections to be carried out by RQIA.


Why We Are Consulting

The 2005 Regulations have not been reviewed since they were made and the Department is currently developing a policy which will bring the fees and frequency of inspections up to date and iron out inconsistencies, inequities and anomalies which have grown in the system since 2005. 

The proposed changes will also allow RQIA to better target their resources into inspections were they are needed most – providers who fail to meet the necessary minimum standards. 

What Happens Next

Once consultation responses have been analysed and taken into consideration, we hope to be able to finalise the amended Regulations at the end of 2016, lay them before the Assembly in the New Year and make them Operational on 1 April 2017.

A report detailing the Department's consideration of the responses to the proposals will be made available on the Department's website as soon as practical.



  • Public Consultation Event (University of Ulster - Coleraine)

    From 21 Dec 2016 at 10:00 to 21 Dec 2016 at 12:00

    A round table workshop to explore your views on the proposals.
    If you are interested in attending this event please send an e-mail to by 9 December.
    Please title your e-mail - Public Consultation Event - Coleraine.


  • Parents
  • Service users/patients
  • Carers
  • General Public
  • Advocate groups
  • Community/Voluntary sector organisations
  • Health and social care providers – statutory
  • Health and social care providers – non-statutory
  • Health and social care regulators
  • Political representatives


  • Health
  • Policy Development
  • Health and social care policy
  • Health and social care legislation
  • Quality and safety
  • Regulation of health and social care
  • Provision of health and social care services
  • Improvement of health and social care services