Dignity at Work Survey 2019

Closed 26 Jun 2019

Opened 5 Jun 2019


Last June, we carried out a short survey around Dignity at Work. This aimed to provide a better understanding of the type of issues you are experiencing or observing, in order that we are able to take action to help ensure that our workplace is an environment which is comfortable for everyone to work in.

Your responses were thoughtful, measured and detailed with many helpful and positive comments on what could be done to improve in this area.

As a result of your responses we took action in a number of areas:

  • We set up a DoH Diversity and Dignity Action team in November. Their priority is “helping to make DoH a great place to work: inclusive, supportive, safe and healthy”
  • We ran a themed programme of seminars to help address issues such as building emotional resilience, dealing with difficult situations and mental health awareness;
  • We increased our network of internal Harassment Contact Officers;
  • We laid the groundwork for a network of Workplace Buddies and have 29 volunteers and will shortly be launching the programme (which was temporarily paused due to the impact on staff availability in relation to priorities around EU Exit)
  • We started a support group for staff who have children with a disability; and
  • We have regular articles on related topics in the Pulse.

The Top Management Team in DoH remains totally committed to creating and sustaining an environment and culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and made a commitment to run a DoH Dignity at Work survey on an annual basis.

This short survey is entirely anonymous and the results will not be published. The information provided will be used by me and colleagues in Deliver Together to inform recommendations for action where appropriate and to highlight any new issues and let us see whether our actions are having the positive impact we want.

Once again I would value your participation in the survey as your views and observations have been so helpful in the past.  Line managers should bring to the attention of staff who are absent, hard copies can be provided on request, although the Citizen Space option is usually preferably due to confidentiality.  

Many thanks

La' Verne Montgomery

DoH Diversity Champion


  • DOH staff


  • Staff engagement