Baby and Me Parent Group Evaluation

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Closes 31 Dec 2021


1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
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3. Where did your Baby and Me group take place?
4. What is your relationship to the baby or parent?
5. What type of group did you attend?
6. How many sessions took place in the group you attended?
7. Which sessions were you able to attend?
8. Which session/s did you enjoy most and why?
9. Which session/s did you enjoy least and why?
10. What activities did you enjoy? eg introductions, group discussions, videos, practical demonstrations etc.
11. Did Baby and Me help you build your skills and confidence as a new parent or carer?
12. What do you think were the main benefits of attending the Baby and Me group?
13. Please use the space below if you wish to add further comments or suggestions about how we can improve the group experience for parents.