Covid19 Impact on Tic Presentations

Closed 28 May 2021

Opened 16 Apr 2021


This survey aims to assess the impact on severity of tic presentations in a cohort of patients with extant diagnosis of Tic Disorder or Tourette's Syndrome known to NHSCT Community CAMHS Tic Clinic both before and during the Covid19 pandemic.

Why we are consulting

Anecdotally it is posited that Covid19 and the associated lockdown scenario has exacerbated tic presentations in some patients. This survey aims to explore this matter in more detail by seeking patient and/ or family viewpoints.

What happens next

This information aims to help us understand better the impact of Covid19 lockdown on tic presentations and inform how we best organise service provision in order to support and manage clinical presentations optimally.


  • Service users/patients
  • Carers


  • Quality and safety
  • Improvement of health and social care services