Review of nutritional training in nursing homes

Closed 10 May 2019

Opened 17 Apr 2019


The dietetic prescribing support team came into existence in January 2017; we aim to promote early recognition and treatment of malnutrition in the community using food first principles and safe and effective prescribing of oral nutritional supplements. Good nutritional care is known to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

In past two years we have noted that nutritional care across regions and between care homes is varied, overlap of educational provision between the dietetic and the prescribing support team exists, gaps in provision have been revealed and funding has been altered.

In recognition of this we decided along with our dietetic colleagues to seek service user involvement to review present provision and design a future training plan.

What Happens Next

These results will be made available during the first facilitation session to service users, care home staff and dietitians across the region.


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