RSCN Nominations

Closed 25 Jan 2019

Opened 3 Dec 2018


In 2019 Executive Board Positions on the RSCN will be up for election. The positions up for reelection of the Executive Board is as follows:

  • 7 Strategic Member positions
  • 1 Full Member positions
  • 1 Affiliate Member position

The timetable for the election process will run as follows:

Nominations open

10 December 2018

Closing date for nominations

25 January 2019

List of nominations issued to all Reference Sites

Before 4 February 2019

Online voting – one vote per RS

6th February and will run until two weeks before the Conference of Partners (date to be agreed with the Commission)

Final confirmation of votes to take place at the General Assembly in Brussels

February 2019

This survey is to ask Reference Sites for their nominations for the above posts. Anyone wishing to stand for election as a strategic member or affiliate member must have paid the €5000k annual membership fee for 2019 before the end of 31 January 2019 in order to be eligible to stand for election.

Those wishing to nominate a member of the Executive Board must first obtain their agreement to stand for election. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Nominations must be submitted through this survey. Nominations will require an uploaded email confirmation that the nominee is willing to stand. This should indicate whether they are standing as a full member, a strategic member or an affiliate member.

The online submission of nominations will close on 25 January 2019. After  this time a document will be circulated to all Reference Sites outlining all nominees.



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