Charity for Civil Servants International Women's Day Seminar Series

Closed 21 Mar 2018

Opened 28 Feb 2018


International Women’s Day 2018

This year NICS are marking International Women's Day with a series of events in partnership with The Charity for Civil Servants.   

At each event we will examine the three key issues facing women in the workplace and the support which is available:

Caring Responsibilities

3.43 million women in the UK are carers and women are more likely to be “sandwich carers” meaning they care for children or grandchildren and also parents or older family members at the same time.   We will discuss the impact of caring and balancing caring with work life.

Mental Wellbeing

Twice as many women are diagnosed with depression as men and there is some evidence to suggest that hormonal changes may play a role in this.  We will explore the impact of menopause and its impact on wellbeing in addition to other changes and challenges which women may encounter at various points of their lives.

Making Money Matter

Managing money is a key life skill which is relevant to us all. Pension planning may seem a long way off for some women but changes to pensions mean everyone should consider planning for their financial future and the resources they will need for retirement. We will introduce some tips and tools to make managing money easier.

Jill Minne, Director of NICSHR said: “The draft Gender Action Plan is one of many actions planned across a wide range of diversity and inclusion issues that are at the heart of our new NICS People Strategy.  I am delighted that the Charity for Civil Servants is working with us to highlight some of the key issues facing women in the workplace and the support available and I would encourage you to attend.”






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