Taxis in Bus Lanes - Trial on Belfast Rapid Transit Routes and Long Term Access Arrangements for Taxis

Closed 16 Jun 2017

Opened 3 May 2017


From Monday 20 February 2017 the following taxis are, on a trial basis, permitted to use the bus lanes on the East and West Belfast Rapid Transit routes and the 12 hour (7am – 7pm) bus lanes in the city centre which link the two routes: 

  • Class A taxis;
  • Private hire taxis operating under green plates; and,
  • Public hire outside of Belfast operating under white plates.

This is in addition to those taxis which are currently permitted to use bus lanes which are:

  • Class B wheelchair accessible taxis;
  • Belfast Public Hire taxis;  
  • Class D taxis; and,
  • Taxi Bus services.

Class C taxis (intended for specialist services e.g. weddings and funerals) have not been permitted access for this trial. 

The trial will last for 12 weeks and will end on Sunday 14 May 2017.

During the trial period the Department is assessing the impact of the taxis on the operation of the bus lanes.   This will include the safety of bus lane users, as well as the impact on journey times, vehicle speeds and volumes. 

The Department is also seeking views on the trial and the possible future use of bus lanes to help it reach a decision on the long term access arrangements for taxis in bus lanes. Should you wish to offer an opinion please just click the following link to complete our short on-line survey.

What Happens Next

This data gathering exercise is now ended.

The Department is currently assessing the views received and is considering these along with traffic data gathered during the trial to help make a long term decision on which taxis will in future be allowed to use bus lanes.


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